Management points for the trade

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Unfortunately I wasn't able to post about this trade when I took it the previous week but I had initially entered a short position in AAPL via weekly put options around the 101.00 area, after I entered I had realized the mistake I had made based off of greed. So I started looking for a way to turn the unfortunate position I had put myself into, into a new opportunity... And to my relief I got the opportunity to enter regular expiration calls and turn this into a bullish biased ratio spread, with the puts becoming the hedges on the long biased trade. Note the large buyer volume exceeding the previous week/s seller volume .

I entered calls around the 105.00 area, and now look to let go of some at the 120.00 level. The rest I will leave on the table to take the ride up to the 130.00 area,

The point of this post is more to log my trade, but to also show trader's that are relatively new to this business that not all mistakes need to end as a "mistake". At times market volatility does offer you the opportunity to turn a losing position into a winning position. Also, its important to not "marry" a certain directional bias. The market can change direction at any moment, in which you can either freeze and get slaughtered or you can take a hard look at the situation at hand and find a way if possible to fix the problem. Just remember that there isn't always a good solution to a bad trade, and sometimes you just have to eat the loss and move on.

Cheers =)
交易手动结束: Let go of the trade, due to expedited time / vol decay to price in the options.
nice) according to my view it is also still in uptrend on long term basis)

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Daniel.B Killy_Mel
Glad you liked the chart! Very interesting way of analyzing charts! =) Let's see how it plays out along with the US Market selling off on China.... (China ehhhh)
Killy_Mel Daniel.B
yea - China sort of out of nowhere... its really hard to predict unless you work there and know Chinese and reliable sources of info. From technical perspective their market went trough a usual boom-bust cycle (by Soros) - and since everything is correlated - it hits US market.. i guess=)
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Daniel.B Killy_Mel
Yea I'm short FXI as a hedge for my personal portfolio (I usually enter short after it gets a solid 1-2 week rally). It makes sense but at the same time it doesn't that the entire market sells off on China considering not everybody holds macro exposure, but ehh what can ya do. Markets gonna do whatever it wants to do lol. =D
Daniel.B Killy_Mel
AAPL holds China exposure so it makes sense that the stock will be affected... Sold off some of my position today.
Killy_Mel Daniel.B
nice) FXI is on risk of further fall on my monitor too -

everything below 37.5 is a strong sell...
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