APPLE INC H2 Perspective

As slowly we go on I bring up more technics on my perspective.
I had an email from a friend he required me to explain more about orbit and its functions.
Well, to be honest drawing orbits beside trend lines is my personal secret and idea.
What are orbits and how we can use them in our perspective in order to reduce risk:
I believe that price are turning around an orbit line and is limited by 2 Trend lines (R and S). Orbit carries the price to its own direction until it crashes to another orbit and the stronger orbit keeps the price and carry it on till it crashed the closest orbit on its way again. As you see price is turning around orbit lines and follow up till it crashes to the closest orbit on its way. This technic helps us to predict the future price and time in most accurate way as possible. Of course this is not considered as signal and you will not open your deal based on this theory. You only get an idea about future and reduce your risk by this.
As you see; when the price was turning around Orbit 2 it follows it till it crashed Orbit 1 and as you see price went to turn around Orbit 1 for a little while and suddenly dropped to Orbit 2 and followed the Orbit 2 until it crashed Orbit 3 which is Expected Price B. As we observed price that after Point B Price was on Orbit 4 which also came from past too; it directs the price to point C which is our first Orbit 1 (the nearest orbit). As we again predict that we are on Orbit 5 which is also from past to now it leads the price to its closest orbit which is again Orbit 1 and our Point D.
I draw Orbit 3 to give you a clue how do we find Orbits.
Any way this is my time cycling and price expecting secret and remember this technic is not signal is just an idea to have better time cycling. For beginning is a bit hard to find right orbit and its angle but after a some practice you can improve your ability . For beginning it's better you go on D1 time frame and zoom out and go to past and find these orbit crashes.
On this perspective I'm not going to explain a lot about my strategy and signal confirmation, but as I already mentioned on my previous analysis that you only open your position right on the trend.
As you remember we put ourselves in triangle position and open our trade based on signals that I will explain later how to make sure that you are on the safest possible trade position.
So far by this perspective we should stay on Buy position right there and do not close it until our S 1 line does not break. Even S 1 breaks still we close our deal on profit and try to find the next orbit and wait for trend to make. There are also more technics that you can find the best possible time to close your deal and I will explain about them in future. For more clue; trend is your best friend if it breaks means time's out for you.
My email is feel free and email me if you have any question or you did not get today's lesson.
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