Head and Shoulders? more like shampoo gutted #ada

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
Charts can be bullshit. like this one for example. #ada
h & s is a topping pattern so it doesn't fit this context anyway
acdmbe TheRealFarm
@TheRealFarm, i bow to your greater experience on this. i never saw on investopedia that a c&h is a topping pattern just a continuation pattern. what in your opinion does that mean?
@acdmbe, one day you will find the answers
acdmbe TheRealFarm
@TheRealFarm, haha. cheers. i will continue to search......
The chart isn't the bullshit..... chart shows potential for boom...which it did.
AaronDorn MarcMagg
@MarcMagg, h & s isn't a potential for boom though is it.
I jumped in right at the bottom, im super excited to see what happens.
acdmbe chipper308
@chipper308, nice. i considered. and thought against it. Question do all roadmaps push up price?
@acdmbe, in my personal experience yes, if a company is optomistic and shows promise and they are awaiting a large contract or there are big rumors, then a roadmap can lead to huge gains due to the excitment, but the question then sits, do you jump ship right before when the new is you wait and risk a huge drop within a matter of minutes for the reward of another potential spike, in my opinion if it is 300% above where it has ever been and has the potential to move back down 300% due to poor news, do you think you can set a reasonable expectation that it will go up 600% more to make up for the fact that it could drop to the 300%?

my vote it buy in and watch for the news
hakimcraddock chipper308
@chipper308, do you think this will correct any? I'm looking for an entry into this rocket ship.
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