43% of people don’t trust charities, but here comes AID!

BITFINEX:AIDUSD   AidCoin / Dollar
This is a coin I could buy a small portion off, and put away for 10 years.
Their mission is a problem I care about personally. Namely the transperancy of charities.


In this business money is made by the touch of a button and little to no work.
Most of us who have been here a while has earned more than we perhaps should. I feel it's important for moral reasons, and selfimage perhaps, to give back to those who really need it.
That's where charities comes into play. We give money, they use it for good. Sounds simple, but the field is a massive grey area. You don't always know if you're money goes where it should.
As everything in life, there are bad & good apples. I have some charities which I personally see as trustworthy, but I understand the massive scepticism out there.
Blockchain is transparency, and AID aims to bridge it with charities. That's a project I have no problem getting behind. Let's change the views of those 43%'s!

On February 11 I posted in Koinworld and bought AID:

It's a Bitfinex only coin. Lot's of money there, and I believe Bitfinex will only continue to grow as long as nothing major happens with them.
They are adding lots of coins and ETHfinex is live as well.
AID raised 14,333 ETH in their ICO (Hard cap reached). Only 40% of their supply was sold, a big majority of the rest will stay locked I believe. So by rough calculations, a marketcap of 20M-25M.
A little bit below ICO price today.

"AidChain is a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface , connecting the nonprofit community while allowing full transparency and traceability of donations. Donors, charities, causes, projects and many more will benefit from the services provided by the AIDChain platform."
That's what AID wants to do. The question is, will they be succesful?

Let's have a look at who is behind this, namely, CharityStars!
Which has raised more than $10M, supporting 500+ charities. CharityStars will leverage its network of 40,000+ donors, 200+ celebrities and 100+ brands to boost AidCoin and AidChain adoption.
I'll also add that 5% discounts will be given on auctions paid with AID. And I'll recommend checking their webpage if you want too look deeper.

So.. Sounds promising to me. We got somebody who knows what they are doing, and that's always prefered.
It's marketcap is relatively low, and I think the fundamentals support a stronger price.
If we have a look at the roadmap, their platform is set to launch in Q1. Do I smell some hype? ;)


Very new. ICO on 16 January, but already been on Finex a little bit. That's impressive, + it gives us a USD chart which is always nice!
Got some Fib's lined up with a couple of levels I am looking at, and a potential target. Pitchfork for levels to follow more on the daily, but it could quickly become dead.

交易手动结束: Sold AID at 0.3 USD, with a 11.1% return.
Keeping a few stacked away because it's a nice project to support

Selling out the majority of my coins today, as I see signs for a sideways market until summer or so. Hodling on to Ripple, Bitcoin, Peerplays & Unikoin :)
@Kryptokelly care to do another write up on UKG? seems to be oversold and just saw a nice jump on volume I am debating if its a good entry here....
+1 回复
Do you know by any chance at what time?
how long time to 1 $
VitalTiger Hossein114
@Hossein114, 30 seconds.. get it quick! :)
Hossein114 VitalTiger
@VitalTiger, nothing fast how time ?
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