ARK Trade Idea --> more retracement, then 300% profits

BITTREX:ARKBTC   Ark / Bitcoin
ARK Update

Currently this one is retracing from the first run up and it's not finished yet. Downtrend channel and it's approaching the logtrend support fairly soon. If we combine that with the fibonacci levels, then we see that the overall 0.786 fibonacci level is around 28K sats . The smaller one retracement levels of 0.786-0.886 fibonacci is also between 27.5-33K sats .
Combined with RSI , it will break out of this downtrend around the 30K zone, but until the end of the month March/beginning April I'm not touching it. Will be accumulating on the lower levels.
Still do think that we'll reach ATH afterwards.

Will keep you updated.
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