Bullish Bat @daily support // IF=THEN ®

FX:AUDCAD   澳元/加元

What to say ? Almost completed Bullish bat to buy when/if completed close to daily support D1, that will forge a point C for an eventual Bearish Bat targeting @0.955$, creating one eventual nice option to sell there, or eventualy, the weekly resistance W1. (test or break)

At this moment, i have a short running below H4 broken support, targeting a little above the daily support D1
around 0.93123. Broken the supportH4, turned resistance, short...

ATTENTION: this is not a call, and in fact, we can also see the price move up from here, we have tested previous structure around 0.9351$...

Point B:
38.2% to 50% XA
Point C:
38.2% to 88.6% AB
Point D:
88.6% XA
TP1 38.2% AD
TP2 61.8% AD

Safe Trades;
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