Bearish Divergence + Forming Shark, Midterm trade of AUDJPY

FX:AUDJPY   澳元/日元
With weakened price of Iron ore, aud is suffering correction since its recent peak over 0.8100.

And I happened to found that there is a huge divergence on weekly chart of AUDJPY , higer price peak with falling RSI levels, a bearish signal to be confimation.

Meanwhile, a forming bulish shark tells me that the pair may have chance to falling down deeply before its final rally moment.Now it is on the wa y from C to D point.

Frankly speaking I think it is rather difficult to see a completed shark , since investors are still expecting rate hiking of RBA in later this year, and it remains nearly 800 pips to finish the pattern, thus I placed several price levels for reference.

But still we can see regional tension caused in Asia and Middle East, together with a rebounding Usdollor.

As a mid-term trade, paitience is a good component for u to catch up as much profit as u expected.

One thing to mention is that seems a bunch of patterns come out to me together in this weekend, which is unusal from my perspective.

And I've collected all my recent ideas relate with the pattern analysis below for reference.

Let's wait and expect a harvest in October!
交易开始: Pattern works well, 120 pips profit already.

Take your profit gradually when price is approaching 85.70


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