FX:AUDJPY   澳元/日元
350 10
Before taking on any longs, break this line and trade above the pivot . If this downtrendline is respected, break the uptrendline below and head to .7621
交易开始: I have one off for 50 and break even... we need more bullish action on this and it may be looking for a pullback to sell. Trade this with caution. Thanks guys!
交易开始: One off for 100
交易开始: reversed out on this... One off for 100 and the other ones running in the money. Go to the blue line.
交易开始: reversed out of this... looking for about 50 pips on it lower my trade is active from 8420
What happened with the AUDNZD? Was that because of the oil jump? So if oil comes back down the AUD changes? Thanks.
Why do you use the 2 hour chart? What other chart times do you use? Thanks.
Banks trade off the 4 hour for position trading. 2 hour and the daily together are a good compromise. Gives me a little more of a finite view.
Why do you think it will head to .7621? Is it possible to show a chart that supports that thought? Sorry, no pressure to show your trade ideas, just wondering and learning. Thanks.
Aussie is weak across the board. The selling should continue this week. Until the Jpy is supported by the BOJ you should be selling everything except for EJ.. Have a great week.
We did not get the sell, but based on what is happening with jpy, if we get another drop it could head to that level. That is a D ext based on current fibonacci. previous support as well.
nice and clean chart i have an idea very similar :)
tokyotiger MarlyForex
what is your re-entry? I manually closed my short trade. Looking for a re-entry price.
hope.bleecker tokyotiger
Hi there. I am not on this. I either will break the downtrendline and trade above the pivot with a bullish candlestick formation or I will break the uptrendline and go south to 7621. Not on yet.
tokyotiger hope.bleecker
thank you. I like this idea.
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