AUD/USD (13/10/17) *200 pips to 750 pips set up baby

FX:AUDUSD   澳元/美元
Aussie pairs will be in main spot light for this week due to their monetary policies.
I see the recent rise of last Friday was the move to whip stops who queued slight above 0.788 level.
As the whole market, it had big rollover done near 0.7980 level. So, I will not turning bullish easily unless 0.7980 is broken out up. (Don't be a flip flop, have some b@lls)

In coming week, it is likely to go lower and lower. It can reach to 0.7778, big supports at 0.7669, 0.7543 and eventually 0.7190 level.

Trade Safe,
Oct 23
评论: Doing well. More to come.
Oct 27
评论: TP hit,
will u long aud now?
Good trade! Do you see a pullback in this cross?
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