AUDUSD Here we got the price on sell place

FX:AUDUSD   澳元/美元
4901 37
Hi fellows, if you remember that we were expecting sell setup at top. we were expecting this up move when price was at bottom trend line . In cased price breakup then i will look for change in structure and pattern and will look for sell i will not look for buy.
评论: This pair plating well. i am expecting breakdown and continuation to the downside. if i will see second sell i will update about that.
评论: Price has broken down the structure i am watching price action under the broken structure if we see trend continuation pattern i will look for sell here is the update.

评论: trend continuation pattern formed and broken down and on its way.
Awesome,You killed it
hi. how deep it can go?
Great trade and is moving really fast. I did my entry last friday high and ashamed of it, because should this one, anyway now I have no profits but no loss. Congrats and thank you. I´m learnign a lot and improving my trades.
Thanks for the tech Analysis ....it is really much appreciated as it is such a high quality work and so reliable
Saves me great amount of time and produces tremendous return
Have a good day
I am in trade short. This was my entry setup.

Wave-Trader michele_laino
@michele_laino, stop is tight mate. always give some room to the market so that price may move into your way.
michele_laino Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, You have right but until december 1, there is no critical announcements about AUD.
Furthermore, about USD we have a critical announcement in november 30 afternoon.
However I could move SL above starting point of Fibo where we have a resistance level.
What do you think about these upcoming news?
keep going mate, you got one more follower!
Bro i just simply say to you that you are genius i also watch yr youtube video and subscribe to you and i learn alot frm yr youtube video
Carry on these good works
Best regards
Thank you mate.
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