FX:AUDUSD   澳元/美元
We can see an Eliott Impulse been completed with a consolidation forming ABCs, it reached exactly at retracement 0.618 and started down trend, and MACD has divergence. Scroll down to see Eliott Impulse - 1h Chart
评论: If you measure the first wave it will give you 21.1 Pips, multiply x 1.618 and it will give you 34.13 Pips, you can measure third wave and see exactly where it end it. After Eliott Impulse was completed we can see ABCs - M15
评论: M15 Wave Analysis (Scalping). At first we can see how the pair reacted with AUD news, but it just gave us a perfect entry. Down trend started and right when I see a flag I measure Fibonacci and sell to -0.27
评论: Down trend again
评论: This is how knew about this bearish impulse, because this is and Ending Diagonal, on Daily we can clearly see what I was trying to trade, even if you werent scalping looking for retracements you could of traded this with a sell stop at 0.236 and TP at -0.27 (171.7 Pips) - Daily Chart
评论: Error on last update
Remember that posible Ending Diagonal??? Completed
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