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Ive been following this thread closely and reduced my BTC hedge for BCH. Normally I hold at least 60% BTC and use the other 40% of my portfolio between other coins and cash. But seeing as BTC has nearly reached my target of ~$4730 (about $200 away) and the new information I have gathered from these threads. I scaled out of my BTC hedge and into BCH when it was consolidating at $300. Price seems to be rocketing upwards and if this all holds true, then we should see BCH emerge as the new bitcoin . However, do your own due diligence and invest wisely.

This weekend we will see another difficulty adjustment and if BCH continues rising in price it will soon be more profitable to mine.

评论: So ive been looking through the top 100 Richest Bitcoin Cash addresses and I think I found the address that moved the market today.
评论: Still Bullish on this.
We still haven't had the difficulty adjustment, but if you look at it approximate's we will see that adjustment in roughly 1 day and 10 hours. So keep your eyes on this. It's possible that when the adjustment happens, some more miners might switch over because it will be much more profitable and we will see a spike from the excitement.
Here are the levels I will be watching.
21 hours until retarget.
BCH still looking good.

Patiently waiting to re-enter....
评论: Looks like all that extra hash power ended up increasing the difficulty. Even so, look at that price stabilize.
The last correction we had took 9 days and 20 hours. It retraced more the 78.6%.
I highly doubt we will see this correction go much lower than .618 but that remains to be seen.
评论: Neutral on this until Segwit dust settles.
It's really a complex issue, but I think I understand it enough to sit back and wait until the people figure out what they want.

Here's a quickie of Bitcoin. I NEVER trade H/S. But I figured I'd throw it out there to see if it makes sense to anyone else who might? Not afraid to say I don't know everything.
评论: . Current thoughts
Any recent thoughts?
Gammapips Johnsoy
@Johnsoy, BCC is dead to me now. It had a good run when I posted this, but I later began to understand how the EDA code was easily manipulated by the miners. Rendering the blockchain pretty much useless. Basically what happened was the miners would only support the chain when the difficulty was really low, high hash power and low difficulty = lots of blocks being processed and in turn more BCC being rewarded. EDA would kick in and all of a sudden the difficulty would be extremely high, Miners leave to mine something else and now the chain is processing blocks at an extremely slow rate. EDA kicks back in and the process repeats.
Johnsoy Gammapips
@Gammapips, Thank you for your comment.
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