BCH - Love it or Hate it, it's here to Stay!

Let me start off by saying - I am long and I am a holder of BCH with the majority of my portfolio in it, so, perhaps that makes me a little biased.

I am also not a swing trader or a day trader on this coin, I am a LOOOOOONG term investor ready for a bumpy ride with an end goal about 10 years down the line in and around 80-120k/coin.

Glad to see that many of you out there, while I have been reading charts and others analysis, have come to learn that BCH is indeed the real bitcoin , and all this FUD out there has really confused the masses. So, now we have Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin Gold , Segwit2X and more likely to come as they continue to mess with the chain.

Ok, lets get back to the technicals for a moment.. We have some solid trend lines , and spot on bounces off the .50 FIB.. All good news! I strongly believe that we will never see the 550 mark again on this coin, and that is a bold statement and ready to be proven wrong because of the following:
- BTC should see a major correction soon, which will likely bring everything down with it
- Grayscale investments has made the worst decision in the history of bad decisions to unload $57 million worth of BCH over the next 90 days- so lets assume about 500k per day. Hope to buy some dips as a result!
- Coinbase will be releasing a LOT of BCH in January to all their customers who never received it after the fork, I think we can expect 65% of them to sell off as they will see it as free money and not for what it is.

Get ready for a bumpy ride, but if you're long, don't get shaken out, there is a LOT of uncertainty at the moment, and we can attribute a lot of it to the Segwit2x camp. Thanks guys!

If you appreciated this analysis, or perhaps hated it, why don't you share your vote on what you believe the dominant cryptocurrency of the future will be? Cast your vote:
评论: Wow! All I can say is WOW!

Ok for all of you who are unaware of what just happened - the hardfork on BTC was called off!

Does that mean we remain bullish on BCH, as far as I am concerned, YES! Why? Well, this is proof of indecision in the BTC community, they can't be trusted, and this shows that BCH is really the only stable coin right now, especially now that ETH has proven dangerous as well!

Let me know your thoughts below!
评论: So, that was an interesting ride but back on track. And here is the reason we stay in BCH:
@SheriU, thanks for this, very interesting perspective. I think the "flippening" will definitely happen over the next while!
TeamBigWin TeamBigWin
@TeamBigWin, ok, so 2X was called off and that was a bumpy ride.. Everything needs to be re-evaluated now..
Thank you! A very nice analysis. My entire portfolio is now moved into BCH now :)

A few years back we thought BTC will be the one to stay, now we have different competing coins. So whats stopping the same thing from happening to BCH?
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TwoTeds imkeshav
@imkeshav, The only thing I can see is people who don't understand the blockchain or the forks just see the $$$ signs and keep buying $BTC.
TeamBigWin imkeshav
@imkeshav, you're right, it could be forked, but i think it's unlikely, too many people playing with BTC that it'll implode and they will learn their lesson. BCH is the closest thing to the original white paper and I don't see it changing, only thing I see happening perhaps is a name change to Bitcoin in the future, but if i was a fortune teller, i wouldn't be here :)
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