BCH sexy pattern #2

Well, that's another triangle!
in the previous times we pierced them, and during this consolidation we did not fail below 1k, and for almost 2 days we confidently hold 1200-1300.
Also, the BTC reached its maximum in the correction wave B and begins to fall, so prepare a sled

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评论: previous analysis
评论: if you are scared, you can exit this race. if you think that the BTC will grow forever, then go out. The slightest movement, and you begin to be afraid? Sell BCH and buy BTC. In this race only strong in spirit, and if from the slightest drop of $ 30 heart sinks, then it's not your race

I see 2 plans:
1. bounce off the support line 1000 and go upstairs
2. bounce off 900 and the same thing

Now I would like to say separately about the news. Who writes the news? Do you know that you need to pay money to publish the news? It is advantageous for people to publish news in order to bully the brains of ordinary people, and to hide other problems. And most likely if you believe in everything that is written in the news, then you soon will not have anything to eat, so do not let them deceive you.

Well, about the fall, but there are a couple of thoughts.
1. the correction wave did not end, and we are still in correction
2. Soon the weekend, but do you remember what happened that weekend?
The news, seriously,,, most all of the "spoon fed" news is just the opposite of the truth.
Just like the politicians naming laws the opposite of what they really are!
If the law says it will protect A, it will protect B, if it says it will do X you can be sure it won't and will do Z.
I voted for a local politician one year that his only campaign promise was that he would not pas any new laws and would
eliminate 1 law for every law that got passed him!
Guess what,,, he didn't get elected,,,,,, "no free check was attached"
RealDaniil jwboing
@jwboing, and I thought so only in Russia LMAO
jwboing RealDaniil
@RealDaniil, My favorite new is RT Russia Today ! Max Keiser among the best!
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Thanks for the update! I'm hodling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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RealDaniil jwboing
@jwboing, good plan
1000 is very strong support of bch, you can not buy bch under 1000 again.
RealDaniil zhuoyikang
@zhuoyikang, never?:D
nice comment. no problem I'm here. if you want to grow you have to be risk averse.
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thanks for a good idea. at 2 last day wave is very stable. I still waiting :)
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Very nice analysis waiting for it ;)
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