Look at graph. What do you think?
BCH is now going to his dream, getting to 720$ is likely to be rolled back, but that's not certain. personally, I was waiting for a rollback after 600$, and my tactic is such, reaching a certain position, there will be a small co-option. And accordingly if I sold and there is no kickback, I'm not trying to get into this river, I'm waiting for a good entry point. look what was at night. he fell from 571$ to 500$. Does this mean anything to you? so please be extremely careful and do not rush into a panic to buy. $ 50-100 can and you do not earn, but the risk of losing a lot less. in any case there is always a good point to enter. My words are not 100% true, but so far for this race from 300$$ to 600 I just purchased.

If you do not want to miss important information on this race, put it and sign
and sorry from my english, i'm from russia))

and even look at the new chart, almost always with a bullish trend, we have a chance at a good entry point, and do not despair if you did not have time and do not buy in the hope that it will not fall. he will definitely fall, then you will sell it because you will seem that he will fall lower, and as a result he will begin to grow. it's very funny, so I'm trying to warn you from this. look at the chart and see for yourself. I do not ask for money from you, just put it and sign. Good luck, and until the next update of this idea
评论: i will by when price 550$-580$, need look at graph in this moment, but maybe i by again when BCH will be 600$ or 625. now we can see resistance at 620$, and need be carefull. wait and wait.

before going to bed yesterday I wanted to sell when he was 571, but did not sell, I decided that not this time, but he fell to 500 and started to grow again. when I woke up I saw that it costs 585. I will not say that I did not do the right thing, just if you are obsessed with making more and you need to take more risks, I was not ready for it. So in the ideal version you had to buy for $ 300 and just keep it. But I went into this river at 330, I did not hold, I sold at similar jumps as from 570 to 500, though my jumps were in the sizes of 20-30 dollars a maximum. so if he overcomes 625 we can see growth to 700, but also we can see a correction to 550-580. It remains only to wait and watch.
评论: I bought for 628 and ready to sell for 690

what are your plans for this race?
评论: 670$ and small correction at 635. and go again to 720. if you buy at 635 you lucky :D
i'll think we will go higher than 720, maybe 750-780, and correction. but anyway i will be sell BCH when price at 710-720. and see what going on. Good Luck!

4H, i think new support level is formed, move on.
good point to enter

nothing like?)

Today something happened about what we could expect, the market was overbought and we had a rollback to 560. it's powerful, it hurts, but it happens now I think you can re-enter the market and wait for those very ill-fated 708 and even more.
To be honest, yesterday I sold 670 and went to bed, because I have a slightly different time with you then I wake up when you go to bed probably. So guys are good sales and shopping. that you are not particularly active in the comments
as I said. in the previous update. go to 700-720
交易开始: a lot of those who are waiting for the explosion?

if there are still those people who are worried that BCH will fall and read my obnovleniya. do not worry, this is consolidation and soon we will go up, still we are forked on November 13, I feel it will be hot!
Does that mean we are breaking up to ath
RealDaniil Ginossim
@Ginossim, 708 and mb
I will keep adding to my stack.. I imagine BCH will have the same trajectory as bitcoin .. will go up a lot over time
@SheriU, I remember you ) we need just wait. Will be nice if BCH 7000 $))
Plani prostie - ya vzyal na vsu kotletu po 380, i sigu rovno.
RealDaniil Dmitriy_Fedorov
@Dmitriy_Fedorov, norm plan ))
Instead of taking high risks by selling and buying by guessing the top and bottom ... perhaps it could be a smart idea to just hold and accumulate / buy more coins on the bottom.
+2 回复
SheriU PaasCrypto
@PaasCrypto, I agree, I’m focussing on accumulating for years... I’ve been buying since August 7 ... I have almost 40 in cold storage
RealDaniil PaasCrypto
@PaasCrypto, yes. It's good idea too. But what if you have not money for buy coins on the bottom?)
sorry FOR my English )) i really from Russia. jajaja
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