There is a potential breakout opportunity for BCHUSD in 4-6 hours with a bullish crossover. Let's see if bulls will capitalize on this moment. This is crunch time an likely to generate herd sentiment in either direction
It is currently 4.2% more profitable to mine on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. now that the price is 1340! It was 1% when it was bellow 1300! Its all out war between BTC and BCH those big players who support BTC want to dump and crash BCH , imagine how much profitable will it be if it goes again to 2k.... Like i said war!
Hardfork is DONE and its bringing the price down! :(
komeck MiljanMarkovic
@MiljanMarkovic, But....all the pump and dump came from Asia...and they're just waking up :D
@komeck, so ? They can dacide to dump and we go to 1050 again.
komeck MiljanMarkovic
@MiljanMarkovic, It's called a "pump...and dump"...not just a dump. Why would they all dump their coins at a lower price than they paid for? Not to mention the groups that are doing this are all in Asia. So, if they do anything, they're going to pump it up first and then dump it. The whole purpose is to slowly overtake Bitcoin. This was posted on July 30th, 2017 (right before Bitcoin Cash was created):
@komeck, I hope so :)
luckysteem MiljanMarkovic
@MiljanMarkovic, was not yet when you commented i think
I'm hoping the fork will drive it down to 1,030$ again. Looking solid long term
1 more block till hardfork is completed lets see how will that affect price. I think that is the catalist that can drive price down or up! I hold my position at 1650 so i hope up!
if fork fails to deliver the then it's going back 800 lol
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