BitCrystals [BCYBTC] | [+530% potential profit]


Hello my friends,

first of all I'm not a native english speaker | writer, but I will try my best to publish comfortable to read texts.
My style of trading is relative safe a kind of mid term holding of high potential coins covered by technical analysis .
We will try on the breakout and only sell for profits.


In this idea I want to introduce BitCrystals to you.
It is a kind of in game credits and it has already a few highs behind it.
Now the coin is about to rise from the bottom and we will get in to it to profit.
-> massiv potential!


I observed this coin for a longer period of time and I was waiting to breakout and no it has come.

1d chart:

MACD: Is going high
RSI: Is going high - a bit oversold, expect a littel correction now before the fun kicks in. Ideal for you to buy lower.
STOCH: Is going high

weekly chart:

Every indicator is rising very straight!


0.0001000 - 0.0001250

Targets via fibonacci

1 | 0.00019456
2 | 0.00030183
3 | 0.00047523
4 | 0.00059867
5 | 0.00075590 | previous all time high
6 | 0.00120997 | new all time high


A plant requires patience grow and earns you profits, like this trade.
Invest relax & earn.
We only trade for profit, never for loss.

评论: 58% recover from the crypto dip, while I'm typing.
Wait for the next market movements.
It is as expected one of the stronger coins in the market actually.
评论: Hold to win!
Market correction will be complete soon and your coins will gain :)
交易开始: watch it
please, Approximate time for the first target?
I'm super bullish on BCY also. See my ideas. Happy trading!
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diky za tip ;)
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