Brookdale - A company worthy to SHORT INTO OBLIVION

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Some stocks I short just based on technicals. BROOKDALE is a stock that I will short with every fiber of my being because of the PERSONAL experience I have had with them regarding the care of my parents. Brookdale, (in my opinion) gouged my family for every possible "fee" they could come up with. Does a parent seem anxious that their meds were brought to them TWO HOURS LATE??? Brookdale will attempt to charge you a FEE for your parent expressing that anxiousness!! Did your parent not bathe every day last week?? Brookdale will try and charge you a FEE for your parent's "misbehavior" for that too.

Go ask a Brookdale Director to show you "SCHEDULE Z" before you sign anything on behalf of one of YOUR beloved parents. Schedule Z is the list of all the additional fees this company can and will "legally" attempt to whack you with if you sign the dotted line on a contract. Schedule "Z" will ~magically~ show up AFTER you are committed to the contract. SHORT THIS COMPANY -TO HELL- WHERE IT BELONGS, IN MY OPINION.

It's no wonder this stock is going to --CRATER-- The management practices are IMMORAL and UNETHICAL in my opinion, (sure, they're LEGAL, yeah.. thanks to Brookdale's crafty attorneys, and those carefully worded client contracts) but it seems that the broad market feels the same way that I do. Perhaps a key trader at GOLDMAN has a parent that has lived at one of the BROOKHELL facilities?? Well, someone other than me sure as heck doesn't like this stock!

Oh yeah... again, technicals look like ---CRAP----- How apropos! A crappy stock chart for a CRAPPY company IN MY MOST HONORABLE OPINION, and I'm trading on that opinion... buyer beware.

My parents have left the Brookdale facility they lived in. Brookdale GOUGED ME, by legal contract, for more than SIX WEEKS of fees, even after my parent's suite was vacated. It is no wonder people are abandoning BROOKDALE FACILITIES. One feels inspired to CUT BAIT and get the hell out! But these fee-grabbing techniques are not, in my opinion, actually helping the bottom line for Brookdale. They are TRANSITORY BUMPS of income, and NOT a good business practice or model for BROOKHELL. The word spreads, and clients LEAVE. There are plenty of other assisted living facilities out there. Look around, ask questions, and don't buy into those tear jerk commercials that Brookhell has started broadcasting. Any Director or Nurse Admin that is party to the practices that this company pushes should be mighty ashamed of themselves, and if they have any personal ethics at ALL, they should seek a job elsewhere... again, a personal opinion.


Good riddance to the CFO and Chief Director. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, Peeps! See ya at $5.00 !

This must be the place showed in the TV show , Better Call Saul !
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