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Hey everyone and welcome to a little update on my BNBUSDT roadmap. Personally if this company (Binance) doesn't do anything incredibly stupid between now and the end of Q4 2018 I think BNB can reach a 30-60usd valuation if not more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is going to be one of the fast followers to take off! Here's a link to the previous publication on BNBUSDT where you can see the origin of what I'll be discussing in this idea:

So let's look at where we are now.

We're off the trail as far as this far-out forecast goes, and that's to be expected as we get a little more information each hour that passes. We are also correlating less with BTC lately. I'm going to remove the projection as I think while history will rhyme, the ugly lime mountain is no longer in play.

Looking closer on the 1h timeframe, there's a lot of kumo to clear. I think the cloud will have to dissipate a bit as right now it's too choppy to call for an edge-to-edge cloud break. There may be a random spike to about 12.6 like we had a few times earlier. We are trading in the channel which I predicted properly a few days ago, between 12.6 and 12.16 and we may finally get that temporary drop to the 11's.

Refer to the photo below. Despite being above a bullish kumo on the 4h, I see some dissipation and it is not uptrending, therefore we may see a twist in the future, especially if BTC and the markets as a whole have another downturn. It's not quite the best time for any bottom-fishing plays in BNB. On both the 1h and 4h timeframe we are not far from the kijun, though we may pull back to the kijun on the 4h as it's most extended there and riding quite close on the 1h. That to me means the market is accepting lower levels for now and is considering downward pressure.

On all significant timeframes, RSI is cooled off. One thing I will point out is that the Bollinger Bands are squeezing real tight as we are in a tight equilibrium range right now, so you may get a clear indication of price direction and can set alerts around the edges of the Bollinger Bands now. See below.

You can set a rectangle tool as follows (see below), with the tips touching the opposing most recent fractal up and fractal down, with a second rectangle on the second fractal down as a significant stop loss area if you're going long. You can play this as a breakout in either direction though personally I see an inside bar bear break as we speak on the 4h with little follow-through but a bit of a spinning top doji . That indicates indecision, which is a strike against the bears. This is really tight, guys. If you're using a platform that allows you to open stop orders on both sides of this range, you're in luck. Binance and Bittrex don't allow for it, nor do they allow for margin. You may be able to pull this off on Kraken or Bitfinex but I'm not certain.

All the best everyone, have a great weekend. Apologies for cancelling the "Watchlist Daily Update". I plan to continue those in the future, as people were actually watching them and that sort of floored me. You guys are great! As always, there's a conversation going on over on the Discord channel which I'll post a link to in my status update (the only place where we can do so, as per the house rules) and I will respond to any direct @Roti messages as fast as possible ;)

Much love, Roti out.


This has been for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.
评论: Alert, 15min inside bar breaking bullish nearly on BTCUSDT

Personal stop loss is at fractal 7094.

BNB reacting but not rallying very hard.
评论: #BTCUSDT I'd say to look out here, that's a lot of bear cloud to break through on the 4h. RSI is hot as well. Be wary of my stop loss area (and your own).
评论: Observation.

The green area shows you where we had a significant quick drop in price some hours ago. I often find that these are future areas of least resistance on a breakout of the bottom level, and the top of the previous drop in price indicates where the next resistance will begin. You will notice that there's price congestion/ consolidation/ choppiness/ equilibrium, sideways price action (they really call this so many damn things for about the same thing, honestly) area around all of these support-resistance areas that tend to hold the strongest.
For this reason this is a good place for walking up your stop loss and rising the path of least resistance

a psychological 7200 is good, but keep in mind my previous stop loss. I may move that stop loss to the top of the inside bar on the 15min which would be about 7131.

It's also good to stack your orders. For example, you can have a 50% sell order at both of the stop loss areas I've mentioned, to protect your capital.

Side note: I post this first in the Cryptide group and sometimes send out quick tweets, so be sure to watch for the links in my status updates or send me a message (I'm pretty sure that's not against the rules.)
交易开始: New update is out :D

You can check it here:

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