Bread (BRD) Coin with Up Side Potential 250% (HIGH RISK)

BINANCE:BRDBTC   Bread / Bitcoin
This is a High Risk trade because this is a new coin to the market.

Consider Support as your stop loss trade. This is a short term trade.

Buy zone is for safe traders. Everyone else can go into this now - MACD indicates a rise soon!

We are not your financial advisors, so invest only what you can afford to lose.
评论: This is a short - medium risk trade (few weeks - few month)
交易开始: Activating Mid to long term trade
评论: We are in a buy zone - but be careful if you're short term because we still don't know where Bitcoin will go in next few days
评论: If you're not in either of airdrop coins, but this one
评论: As expected - holders should be holding or taking profits

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Could you update Sir when you have the time?
gud work man..brd going to spike soon..
@kkarthi, Thank you
Would you mind looking at $GASBTC?
CryptoManiac101 SalientQuips
@JeffSwanson, Available for exclusive members only
+1 回复
This would be atleast 10X. It is just trading above 5% its listed ICO price... They have great team and above all 3 year existing bread wallet...
Market cap is just 60 million right now... I am all in BRD ......
2018 looks very bullish for them.. See what happen to BNB... It is exactly the same kind of business model...
@patelcrypto, Thank you for reviewing our charts! This is a good coin with great potential but still high risk.
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