1-9-17 Bit Coin Can't Make up its Mind

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Expecting a sidways day of choppiness --- Going to be scalping --- Just woke up so I am studying this chart and will zoom in and post my plays as I make them. I personally am beginning to think that this is just a setup for another consolidation based on the way that its trading ---- but the further you zoom out to like a weekly this could just be a blip on the radar. --- Making a new upwards channel today if it breaks I will redraw chart --- Updates to come. Happy Monday lets start the week off right with some profit.

broke out of yesterdays channel --- lets see if this new channel holds or if we drop back into yesterdays trend ---- too early to tell need some more coffee
交易开始: Small Long ox XBTUSD might be a small bullish flag

评论: Have my finger on the sell button if this drops beneath 6300 --- if it breakd down beneath the top of the last green candle its most likely not a bull flag
交易手动结束: Exited Long ---- Not getting any momentum ---- no position right now
交易开始: Shorting XBTUSD at 901.50 --- Medium Size position -- think this comes back down:

评论: broke back thru trend line flipped back to long very small position --- lost about .1btc in the wipsaw
评论: added 2x my position of xbt at 890
评论: added another 25k contracts for a total of 72k long XBTUSD

评论: Will add trailing stop if we bounce back through 8300
评论: holding tight think we make an upwards move --- negative a bit here but thhink we get up towards the 6400 range or about 905 on usd
评论: Hanging on by a thread need it to push through 6250

评论: Here is the move we have been waiting for putting in trailing stop loss and hoping it pushes higher. Taking half off the table at xbt 896 ---- slight loss but this rally is on small volume ---
评论: Closed position at 897.5 --- this is rolling over
评论: Started small short position at 895
评论: larger short position now at 894 --- this thing had no momentum

back down to 6000 cny --- this thing just cant find its launching point ride it back down
评论: flipped o that one at the right time lets see if this dumps now --- its falling out of my trend line
评论: stopped out at 894 for small profit... Waiting for this to make a move upwards or down below the yellow --- hard to make money when no volume or moves --- other coins making big moves i anticipate bitocin will follow im ready to buy a break out
long again here ---- think some of that pump from the other coins floats its way over to bitcoin causing a short term rally and break out:

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