BTC bullish long-term outlook and correction end (Daily/Weekly)

Hello All!

While monitoring the current BTC correction, I stumbled upon a very interesting idea from:

First of all, I analyzed it from volume dynamics point of view. Then I saw some repeating similarities over certain periods of time as well as possible confirmation of classic definition of "previous resistance becoming support (and vice versa)".

Even though, this is not any type of Wolfe waves I'm usually working with, but rather pure speculation of "what if" scenario for me, the more I looked at it the more it felt like a real possibility.

Thus, I decided to share the final result of my research with all of you.

Good luck and great trading to everyone!
i believe too
OceanBlue CaueLacerda
I think 85-100k by July 2018 is way too early. But who knows, I definitely don't mind if it happens :-)
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