BTCUSD Week 5 - What are we watching?

- Apex of week 4/5 is very close to the 22nd Dec. '17 low. This could mean we'll see a strong move from this level in week 5 (if not sooner), but the move might still be restricted to the price action (PA) channel. I'm still neutral here.
- Apex of descending linear regression resistance of the lower highs set in Dec. '17 and Jan. '18. This could be a bearish case if it reaches that level in mid Feb. as two resistances meet here.
- A pennant in a downtrend has a bearish bias. In case price does move down, then i'll be looking to scalp long if price moves close to the descending support.

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评论: Looks like price will set a lower low. Looking at these levels to buy:

交易开始: First limit buy triggered

评论: 2nd buy not triggered, unfortunately. Will be closing 2/3 of my position around 9200-9250:

交易结束:到达目标: I closed 2/3 of my 20% position and i'm still holding 1/3 of it. 2nd buy limit is now triggered. Will be creating a new week idea after this comment.
Would you update this? is the channel broken now?
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