Everytime we break to the downside, the activity expands. And everytime we retrace to the upside the activity dries up. I marked the broken support with turcuoise lines. Obviously bears have control. As a potential entry look at the small Head and Sholders pattern that formes within the selling zone.
Possible trade plan:
If the right shoulder is formed and then the neckline is broken to the downside this will confirm the pattern. After the breakout of the neckline enter sell at market, stops above the right shoulder (Head = more secure) and targets = retest of previous lows.
评论: Check the higher timeframe analysis in ralated ides links below.
交易结束:到达目标: Just tested the low and reversed.
This pattern was found by the MPS-v5.5 pattern recognition software:

My YouTube channel:
closed because goldman sachs just bought poloniex
All news past, present and future is always factored into the price, just wait
As for this green fireworks we had today. It can't be predicted as it was not market move at all, just some big fish farted.
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i can see that all ur prediction for crypto market are negatives ... i dont blame u put i like the other all ur analysis great job .
@faisalyk, did you load the chart? this one was a take profit. it retested the lows.
@faisalyk, Look at this winner.
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