204 0

4h time frame:
Tenkan - 10360
Kijun - 9487

Daily time frame:
Tenkan - 11666
Kumo edge - 11690

Weekly time frame:
Kijun - 10313

Today's daily close is also the time at which weekly candle closes, bulls will try hard to close it above kijun (10300)

Go long, scale your buy order properly, buy more at lower prices.
评论: 4h bbands stochrsi
交易开始: Volume distribution in last 3 days:
Price + Volume in last 3 days:
评论: We closed the weekly candle above kijun

BTFD and make bitcoin great gain!!

评论: CMF and ROC on 1day tf with ichi cloud

评论: There can be a dip one final time before we move up but not necessary, break of 11.3k will result in fomo buys and if it drops to 10k or below buy every dip because it is going above 11.7k-12k + in few hours or days imo

评论: futures discounted

Bitcoin Futures Premiums (OKCoin)
Index : $10,816
Weekly: $10,800 ($-15 ; 0%)
Biwkly: $10,801 ($-14 ; 0%)
Qtly : $10,800 ($-16 ; 0%)
2018-02-19 09:43:02.097068

Bullish AF! bears will get trapped and liquidated imo
评论: Maybe something like this can happen in next few hours

评论: FOMO is real and bulls are going hard at breaking the next resistance

Once we break 11.3k it will be huge green dild0s lol
评论: "Maybe"

评论: bbands getting squeezed on 30m

评论: fighting to break the daily cloud and kijun resistance

will close 30% of my position here

评论: Golden cross on 4h soon, even if we dip from this resistance this week bulls will make bitcoin great again imo

评论: 1h candle closed above Tenkan, small hidden bull div lets see if bulls can break this huge resistance if and when they retry

交易开始: Just noticed the 9th candle on 4h as per TD9, closed another 10-20% and SL set for the rest to close at 11300 if it starts to go down again. Doesnt mean I am bearish now but expecting a dip/pullback before retry breaking this huge resistance
评论: Not my chart however found it interesting and is possible

评论: E2E on 1h ichi which also matches with 0.5 fib target
评论: its *12h, missed the "2"
交易结束:到达止损: SL hit. Remaining part of long position also closed in profits. Will wait for this dip to hold one of the support levels before going long again.
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