Bitcoin (I dont like beaing bearish)

Chasing Bitcoin to $7800 - $8000 ?

Watch out RSI indicates Overbought for some time now.

MacD has not consolidated along the median zone before this breakout..

I'm watching the resistance line and expecting a dip to at least $6000 - What do you think? No new all time highs just yet.

Temporary break

Breakout early to mid December.
I definitely agree we are about to see more of a pullback. Once we see an M form on the MACD, it should be clearer.

My theory is that, on the macro level, we'll be seeing a massive influx of institutional money at the beginning of next year, not in December. This is merely because everyone will start taking breaks from work to be on holiday. This, of course, has nothing to do with the TA side, but something to keep in mind...

However, the introduction of BTC futures midway through December may bring a pretty penny back into the market.
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