$1400 next (Circular Geometry)

Chart is best watched with this: https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/spaces...

Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!
评论: Although for trading, charting Finex is not to be taken as a good representation of the actual situation within the Bitcoin Ecosystem with all their Exchange problems.
For me as seen through (Circular Geometry) it is one of the more simple charts and because of that also the most beautiful and harmonic in its natural order in (Circular Geometry) to me.

I made a small adjustment in the Gann Angles for a different visual pathway but the published chart is still valid.

Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!
Greatness, and the bleeps in the noise generator as well. Now if they could just add some animation functions to these radial sonar pulses for the chart...
FlippingABitCoin hanzeholdinworth
@hanzeholdinworth, That would be great with a time-laps function on posting charts....and a bleep when it bounces back from price target hit.....lol
+1 回复
hanzeholdinworth FlippingABitCoin
@FlippingABitCoin, hahah yes! :)
hanzeholdinworth FlippingABitCoin
@FlippingABitCoin, most charting today is visual, but I was researching recently what has been looked to with audible charting. Some people have done some things like connecting price and pattern to tones etc.

With visual cues it's mostly about that frontal part of the brain and projecting and predicting the future. That's great, but is only a minor part of the story and without hearing (hearing being the hunters real night vision) we are kind of moving through the woods blind. Our eyes are not very sensory in the sense compared to listening which puts one in the rear part of the brain etc accepting the moment. Eyes see what they want to analyse what we want, but hearing tells us what actually is. I know you'll get what I mean :)
hanzeholdinworth hanzeholdinworth
@hanzeholdinworth, Perfect metaphor. When Tsunami's come, the humans use their eyes to stand on the sand and look at the phenomena. The animals however use the sense of the vibration of the ground and know something isn't right - they go the opposite way to the waves.
FlippingABitCoin hanzeholdinworth
@hanzeholdinworth, I assume that confirmation bias would be independent of senses, but pattern recognition through the eyes and projecting from that is possible as you can see periods as price plotted on time frames. Audio is interresting but can not be plotted similar but maybe thats the addition , could be a soundscape.

The eyes do not see they only process into a datastream to the visual cortex in the back of the head. Thats why I love the (Sacred Circular Geometry) as it unveils the unseen pattern because of structure which is present and reflected with the mind. This geometry speaks to anyone even not familiar with it.

I do see a nice application if the Price/Time continuum would be 4D projected in a VR space and while your perception point moves around the spiral plotting of Price/Time you should be hearing the evolving or developing pattern as your entry or exit will be revealing itself in the VR space....
hanzeholdinworth FlippingABitCoin
@FlippingABitCoin, That would be awe-sum
Om... but in not real Usd. It's just an illusion. Fake of Tether. It's lack of bitcoins on Bitfinex. It's time to say goodbay Tether and BTF
@dvtb1234, Om...true that. Its going to be interesting how this will be resolved with BFX. The price difference is crazy. What can go wrong....
dvtb1234 FlippingABitCoin
@FlippingABitCoin, Everthing can go wrong...))))
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