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As I shown in my last BTC chart, BTC hit a small pullback, and then a flatline. After the brief flatline came another small pullback. Upon further analysis it seems when using my TA I need to be more diligent in my smaller MA that Im using and not omit the 21. From here on it seems as if BTC has fully recovered yet again from a small sell-off and is heading towards an all out BULL Market with a few more phases of correction still ahead. By mid-march it is safe to assume BTC will be king again and will rise back to the 15k level. Catch BTC during periods of quick correction or go ahead in chip in now, long money is in BTC and we will dsicuss why here.

BTC is booming and is drying up all the ALT wells specifically those that do not have a good track record and are very weak. With that said it would be who of you to sell your alts now. Wait till the next correction when BTC goes down again to start trading those Alts. The soul purpose of ALTS to to trade for BTC . Remember BTC is the BIG FONA and should be sought after through your trades. Now thats out the way we would like to put in a few names for those ALTS we think might be a sell right now. ALTS that are broken are as follows; ADA , ICX, XRP...just to name a few big ones. BTC will continue to dry up these ALT COINS wells far into spring. ALT SEASON----ONHOLD, minus a few decent swings and days you can pull out from those ALTS that are strong and independent.

**KEEP IN MIND** I'm using the BOSS METHOD of analysis, a Patented Technical analysis tool created by Brandon Kelly known as the Boss Of Bitcoin across various of social media platforms. The BOSS METHOD uses fractal harmonics and 3 (sometimes 4) moving averages (7,77,and 231 also the 21 occasionally to get a tighter grouping) to accurately predict the price and action on a lot of charts and I must say after sharpening and honing my skills on it, its looking to be very ground breaking in terms of putting very powerful prediction tools into the hands of just about any one. These MA's work like a Quantum Mechanics computer and is based off of previous cycles of the coin, that is why they are so powerful. I sometimes like to call the BOSS METHOD, a time machine mirror window because thats exactly what its doing, it allows us to take a peak outside the here and now into the future of the coin.

On Bitcoins chart you can see we have been having a Bull dominated market since the bull gained control on Feb12. That said we began to see the repetitive cycle of BTC since its inception that is; Break-out, break-down, flat-line...rinse, wash, repeat. Here you can see we went into a break out, until this past weekend where we saw our first healthy correction from BTC . We can tell the money is in on BTC because all of the MA's are coming up hard and are even in some instances acting as various levels of support as they move. Specifically we can see the cross over from the 7 and the 77 back in Feb when Bulls gained back control. Also we can see that when the 7 went over the 21 in a brief period of selling off towards the bottom. Over the weekend I couldn't see the reason for this sell off until I looked under the hood on a 60min chart getting me closer to the 77 and the 21. Over the weekend and even now the 21 and the 7 are trading places so becareful!! This correction may not be out of the woods (though it is likely). What we can expect to see from here on as long as these MA's keep in the trajectory they are in is a jog into the bullmarket. Keep in mind again...when the 7 goes over the 77 and the 21 those are buys!! when the 7 goes under either of those its a sell, unless the 231 supports it for the long. Only when the 231 is going upwards despite the 7 being drown by the 21 or 77 is it safe to "HODL" otherwise you will lose money.

Anyways thats what I see in the market today....you can either keep praying for a bear market or you could easily just...

评论: Break out, break down, flatline...continuation pattern...all MA's are still clear, will be clear for some time...continuation pattern to be carried out.
评论: Small divergence on the 1hr chart today. This 5 wave impulse BTC is running is textbook and wave 1 isnt even done yet!! BTC 50k by summer...easy.
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