BTC mama is recovering but not out of danger yet

BTC is looking better than yesterday which was an absolute bloodbath. We need to break the resistance and get back to the Keltner Channel. The DI- (orange) has dropped below 40 now which shows good sign. I still expect to see an uptrend in a day or two. Few more candles around 0.5 Fibonacci line would be good sign as it will break the trend line , but who knows the market right?

*This is not a financial advice. Trade safe.
评论: We broke the trend line. :)
Things are looking good in the 1H chart. DI+ and DI- are crossing. But I would prefer to wait for the confirmation in the 4H chart and maybe a small pullback to find a strong uptrend. Unfortunately, the tradingview play button is not working to follow through the chart so I'm posting the charts here.

4H: Need to wait for confirmation. Couple of candles more...
Are we not back in the Keltner Channel now ?
Mushfiq crypto008
@crypto008, For the 4H chart not yet completely. But bulls are trying to push hard. Just updated the post. Let's hope for the best! thanks
crypto008 Mushfiq
@Mushfiq, Thanks great posts :)
Mushfiq crypto008
@crypto008, My pleasure!
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