Hey Team,

Not going to spend too much time breaking all of this down because even though I do and give exact indicators on BTC and where it is going (100% accuracy). Still getting no likes, comments, kiss my ass, and nothing. Please, if you remember my point of direction on BTC being correct, as well as telling you what the price will be when you roll out of bed in the AM, please come back and say "great job KNIGHT you piece of shit". The climb is steady and we will continue to move back to 10k direction over next three days. You will see several retracements bouncing back off of the 9,4k support. Look for the BTC price to be around 9,750k over the next 10hours. Volume will pick back up in the next 16hrs as we move in to Monday morning and volume picks up. We will wake up to a 9,8k + price and bounce back and forth between the supports hold.

Bitcoin price is trading in a bearish zone. The $9,400 support level was just recently established.
There was a break below two major bullish trend lines with support at $10,000 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
The pair is trading lower and it may perhaps break the last swing low of $8,410 for more losses.

Overall, the timing just isn't right for the market to see significant changes that will push us all in the direction we want. Don't worry because we are all wondering the same things, and we are all worried that this thing might not be what we all initially thought. Stay Smart and don't let this control your lives because if it is, your whole strategy and why you are doing this in the first place is wrong. Not a lot of technicals to cover because we are dealing with TIMING AND MANIPULATION. Things will soon change.

Stay Strong
Enjoy Life
评论: I showed the sideways trend but it marked around the 9,4k support which we expected to be around 9,675k
评论: So, at 8:28am this morning we saw BTC at 9,8k. BTCFUTURES contracts went out setting the new price at 9,130k and then lower at 9,054k. We are all getting very tired of this manipulation, but like I told snacks, we got leads that it was coming we just didn't know when. We have to change this crap somehow or they will just ruin everything.

TELEGRAM CHAT - Started a New Group to talk to everyone and give ideas for where BTC is going
When I read about the Mt Gox Trustee selling all that BTC/BCH starting back in Dec I thought maybe that explained the market decline, but shouldn't we see some upward movement now that he's done?
@pedro17, Twitter search WhaleCalls and it will bring you to a group that exercise contracts/marks on BTC, BTCFUTURES group is where they coordinate price drops that are basically allowing them to take over bitcoin. MT. GOX firm induced a lot of new bitcoins back into the market. RICH GET RICHER
@SOLKNIGHT19, Watch this - last contract showed BTC price drop to 8,585k
THanks for the TA and your comments ..I’m following you in hopes to maybe short btc and get some sales in the 5k range ...any thoughts on this? I’m all fiat...
@Snacks, Honestly bro, I would stay in either BTC, ETH or USDT. The Altcoins can really smoke your account right now if we get anymore unexpected drops like MT. GOX. Volume should drive us back up as we are looking for some short-term trading opportunities past 10k this week. I honestly will tell tho that going into the weekends for the next couple of weeks, start thinking about converting into cash because we will drop again to 8,8k range. Just none of the TA's right now knows when. We are just really skating on thin-ice right now. The slightest news could drop us back to hell. Hopefully we are prepared.
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