We Go Down - Bitcoin Chart From Scratch

What's up guys, i'm still seeing BTC             going to $4 700 if not less. Here's how I do my charts and keep it very simple. I go into more in depth stuff when need be but generally speaking that's all it takes.

The quality is still garbage, I'm very sorry. Trying to get in touch with tradingview to fix that problem!

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Hi, can you just explain why when you place the second fib, you don't take it to the end of the candle? TIA, your explanations help a lot.
thanks for the video. Curious as to how you get to $4500 when your target is $6k?
Very good job men, the volume of the video is little bit low if I play it on my phone but it got fixed playing it on my pc with regular speakers. Thanks.
Its extremely low volume on the microphone
Thanks a lot. Did you do a part 2 for your prior video about trend lines and supports/resistances. Hope to see more on that. Thanks
Denzoss PRO imkeshav
@imkeshav, hey i'm probably gonna get more in details about levels. But for now I have to fix the quality of my videos upload before I upload more.
@Denzoss, Thanks. Appreciate your time here and on the telegram
Mate, your sound level is very low! I respect you that's why I address it.
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Denzoss PRO hamidikia.ali
@hamidikia.ali, already contacted tradingview, I'm trying very hard to fix the problem but I dont have technical freedom over how to upload a video. Gotta use tradingview plug in (as far as I know its the only way)
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