lol hold on while the 1 robot controlling price pushes price back to the real value of BTC!
DoYouMine BugattiBoy7
@BugattiBoy7, All ya gotta do is research to understand whats happening and "1 robot" concept is not it
BugattiBoy7 DoYouMine
@DoYouMine, Yea my bad should've cleared that up, not 1 robot but a group of insiders manipulating price. This is not the public buying and selling. Just wait until futures launches and Wall Street shorts this down to real value. Have you not heard of Bitfinex printing USDT?
DoYouMine BugattiBoy7
@BugattiBoy7, Do you know that Bitcoin is being used to purchase multimillion dollar art pieces? I don't send currency any other way nowadays. and I send A LOT of currency around this good ole globe. Not as much as some others tho.... ;)
DoYouMine DoYouMine
@DoYouMine, so yeah... it aint the public haha
BugattiBoy7 DoYouMine
@DoYouMine, Whats your point? I saw someone buy a house with BTC, that doesn't mean anything. People see how fast it rose and don't think about how much faster it can fall. All FOMO
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