Will BTC ever correct downwards?

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Volume contracting, bearish divergence, troublesome politics... the question remains: Will BTC ever correct downwards?

This is the prime example of an asset backed by big-money interests. If it drops, it is always when we least expect it. When an increasing number of people here post ideas that suggest BTCUSD may fall, it most likely will not.

In the coming days, there is indeed the risk of miners revolting. But they'll probably handle it the same way they did last time: selling their BCH for BTC .

When the big-money investors will no longer have BCH, they'll be exposed. It is very hard to say when this will happen, but perhaps somewhere in 2018.

Not when exchanges have huge buy walls in 8200 and 8000 point. Check your buy and sell orders. Maybe they don't want BCH to rise before they unload their btc's.
I'm speculating but exchanges or whales could be dumping their btc's to unsuspected buyers.
@Morbid33, I don't see any 100 BTC walls on Bitstamp, Gdax or Bitrex.
Box1515 Morbid33
@Morbid33, the bigger the wall I see the less likely I am to believe it will ever execute. In fact, whenever I see them I am watching for action in the opposite direction. A big sell wall, for example, is usually an indication that a seller wants other sellers to put their sells in below his so he can buy more coins, so I'm watching for upward movement.
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