Hodl tight or BTFD

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Looks like the 'short' I called fell into place decently well (link below), so let's see where we go from here. Personally, I'd think it's time to buy some blood or hodl tight on your bitcoin . I'll map out 2 situations here...

Best case: We close on the daily at ~$11.5k and start working our way back up to upward movement in buying that could retest ATH's in the days/week to come. Logic behind this is that our stoch indicator can't dip much lower and our support levels have been found at this ~$9.7k level.

Worst case: more noobs panic sell everything and our stoch dips lower. If that happens we move into our lowest fib level. this would lead to a sharp 'flash crash' to $6k. If that happens BTFD.

Either way HODL tight!
Feel free to check in with the original post:(
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