BTCUSD Week 7 - What are we watching?

- I'm holding 15% @ 7821 position from week 6 and will be adding another 15% @ 6891 and 30% @ 5701
- I'll be looking to close all holdings around 10500-11000.
- I have a neutral view. If price does move down i'll add, if it doesn't i'll be only holding a 15% position, as i think that is enough exposure for the 7-9k price range at the moment.

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Feb 13
评论: Not much happening. Expecting some extended price compression during the rest of the week, unless there's an event/news item that adds some volatility.

Feb 14
评论: Price has broken out of the pennant and is now at the 0.236 Fib level of the sell off since ATH.

Looking to close my 15% @ 7821 position around 10300-10900, but it depends a bit on how it reaches this level and to what level i think we'll see a retrace (i'll either hold or add).

Feb 15
评论: I will be closing my position if:
- Price reaches the bull channel resistance
- If price consolidates sideways a bit and reaches the 10300-10900 range

Feb 15
评论: Closed my remaining 15% from 7821 @ 9995.

Looking to re-enter around 9-9.3k successfully backtests that level.

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