The holy Fibonacci

17614 52
Next stop is 12500, then return to 8000.
Aaaaaand? Nothing happened :(
Can you explain ? how do you calculate fibbonaci
@Voocash, norm is a 231$. We see that the local maxima and minima of the graph correspond to the norm multiplied by Fibonacci numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. If the pattern continues, you can make an excellent forecast
I've never seen such a graphic, impressive.

Lots of logic and precision.

I'll share it.
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Just wait for it..
So are we looking to hit a 12,700 target before the major retracement back to 8000?
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Piohal Piohal
@Piohal, I am thinking about trading all my btc to usdt. Is this a good idea, or should i just hold the btc and wait and hope it reaches the 12700 target instead of further retracement?
@Piohal If you trade now, you're accepting an initial ~25% loss (to 12700) before you get your <25% gain (once it reaches 8000) IF things even pan out. I'd recommend not worrying so far ahead yet.

Also notice, while the dollar amounts are certainly close to fitting the Fibonacci ratios, they are not exact. I wouldn't trade on exact numbers like 12700 without having a few other clear indications there's a reversal. I believe a trader can't make good decisions if they try to plan a day trade weeks in advance.
Hahahaha, Perfect! This is my method too to trace the movement of Bitcoin market! Nice one sir, i really like your post. :) +1 Follower here.
Right, zero way we're retracing to $8k...........
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