Been using a similar set up from my last $Btc post. That post aged decently as both scenarios of hitting a sharp crash @ ~$6,000 hit along with our 'steady' support here @ $7,500-9,000.

Looks like we are going to continue to see some pretty significant price action moving forward.

Short term: I think we jump to ~$10,100-10,500.

There is a distinct possibility we revisit this sharp drop to ~$6,600. With tax returns on their way, I don't think we find meaningful upward movement until mid-April.

No matter what, I do believe that this will be some of the last opportunities until this time next year that we see $Btc at under $10,000. Hodl Tight or buy the dip ;)

Let me know what you think. Always learning so appreciate the advice.

Mar 26
Mar 29
Mar 29
评论: Prep for... $6,500?

We shall see......
Apr 02
评论: Boom!

Now can we see some greeeeen????
Apr 02
评论: Greeeeen!!!!

Apr 12
评论: not extending my fib lines is really pissing me off.... trade is active moon incoming
Apr 12
评论: fibs fixed for a weekly view

Apr 12
评论: Fib lines fixed for daily

Apr 15
评论: Updated Weekly - Let's gooooo
From a TA standpoint yeah!! However with the mt gox sell off. Its hard to predict where btc bottom line, or "would be" top would have been using TA. Also w the increase in news coverage,(on relevant projects) i would agree it seems like the market is juicing up for a run to 13.5k-14k. Slow and steady? Looking more like May. Bull run? Could be a just a couple of weeks to 14k.
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