Bubble short at 7212 target 6195 swing trade


short at 7192 at i see he attemps many tie to pass 7250-7300 and reject so a least if the bubble not finish now i expect a good pullback on 6200 !!

entry 7212

target 6195

1018 pips gains is very good opportunity

in two lot when 1 will reach 300pts i wll cut and let eh other with a stop at +150 and up down it every 50$
评论: i cutted my first position at 7055 with 140 pts gain now i back in short at 7440 for keep 2 position short in the market,also what i doing is for people have big balance account with small is not adapted to all account also
评论: wht i want mean is that me i can support easily a move of 3000-5000 pts, is not the goal id i doing the risk reward and good money managment but i will not cut in lost this trade even i need to wait more time ..and be in loss during some days !!!
评论: i done many small sclap in short around 40-80£ per scalp time he go back down,as i am sclaper for me is not big deal..then when i enter too eraly on a trade like that and he continues to abuse and defy all rules of trading,son he will back down at my target i no worry but need a big balance as me...for now norma people can stay in the tradde a the risk rewerd stillat 1/3 if he up 7700 it will still at 1/2 so its ok
评论: again 220 pts in sclap short..foe now i let just the ast position runind..but even she is in lost in total profit i am so far in gain :-)
评论: i an cut the all position now and if i done with all my scalp will get mre than 400pts with the position..but...
评论: still in gain again cut or not cut ??with all profit i do i make a stop at my entry point
评论: i made a SL to my last postion at 7100like that if he back up i get 100pips on the second position + all that i got on the first trade ( and scalp)
交易结束:到达目标: perfect for me becaus ei not make any SL in real
oh how funny, btc interest rates are 30% of those 2 hours ago, while short positions grow. Looks they try to play short popping again. I think it is the exchanges themselves who provide this cheap credit to lure small accounts into shorting, and make them rebuy at higher prices, new rocket fuel.
ChalifStorch ChalifStorch
now they are even lower, two hours ago it was 0.09% minimum, now it is between 0,02 and 0,04. Smells like another bear trap.
corsicasia ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, lol i get luch profit in open and close many short position so now i let the last with stop loss at my entry point if will reach it i will has win around 800pts so is ok this is forex i al here o win ...avan i not reach the target..idea is the idea..the real tradin we do is not smae..and i think for all of us
corsicasia ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, secured and with many gain ,even i not reach my target...if you want win money garantee and ave a small balance pm
corsicasia ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, so and now ??
ChalifStorch corsicasia
@corsicasia, shortet the last ATH, made a little ;)
corsicasia ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, got my target..that why for this kind of trade at home in real i not make SL coz i have enough balance and low leverage as i said before...coz i was sure 90% will got a quit good fall soon :)
not before the fork. dont hurt yourself.
corsicasia ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, it not=hurt as i win mpney and i cut in my personal account a first trade a + 200pts in 24h so i am winner and is my goal,i not trade bTC coz i tough i not a forex trading but just some speculation thing that no have long futur for sure for today if you were buyer coz u said to me dont hurt yourself,i think you hurt and not me...ieven i not know bTC i do logical trading then on this one i will not lost anything but win at 100% even i not reach my target ...but she will be touched for sure..ig you think not..then it u will i hurt nothing friend since 8 year i am pritavle in forex and since 3 yeas is my only incoe so no wotty for me and thank you
ChalifStorch corsicasia
@corsicasia, I am not a buyer, but the whole btc rise is fueled by popping shorts. the latest spikes all started with low volume, and are then fueled by popping short positions. Due to free money expectations, few people are willing to sell, and few people are willing to buy at those high prices. but the strangely cheap interest rates seduce unexperienced people to margin short bitcoin, and when their positions fail to move downwards, they are forced to buy back at higher prices. thats all the fuel needed, and bitcoin will continue to rise at least until fork date, courtesy of little shortsellers. Then, the bubble will pop, because noone will be willing to buy again at around 8000. and lots of bitcoin will go into bitcoin cash, because it does already what segwit promises, only much cheaper in fees, and much faster, even more after its own upgrade. This is not a new phenomenon, you can see the history on, where you see the biggest rises happening in times where there are more short than long positions. I would not be surprised if some exchanges themselves are part of the lucrative game... it is the little shortseller that fuel this with their vanishing dollars.

I am not invested in bitcoin at the moment, so I have no motive to say that: people do yourself a favour and dont short it until the fork :) if you know what you do, corsicasi is fine. I just would not recommend it to other readers. There have been calls to short since it was at 4000, if you short in small ranges it might have worked out, but not in the big picture, proven.
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