How much more are they going to pump #Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin/Usd monthly chart looks way overbought, needs to come down.
.382 hit, maybe btc will come down lower???
rbrtwrrn PipMan305
@PipMan305, Just checking in to see how this idea is working out for you.
PipMan305 rbrtwrrn
@rbrtwrrn, Worked out pretty good, Hit the .382 like I predicted and bounced from their, I have nothing against btc, I own some myself but I could not help but look at the monthly chart and see it not falling, it had to come down from there eventually and retrace and it did, but i still dont like the way the monthly is looking again, just seems like its getting pump so much that its bond to retrace again.
rbrtwrrn PipMan305
@PipMan305, great call on the retrace. I just don't see a serious dump in the next few months given the fundamentals at play.
Down over $500 today, Geeezzzzz who would of known, LOL!
She's coming down pretty hard now. :-)
1. Who is 'they'?
2. Why aren't you using a log chart to more adequately reflect the exponential growth of bitcoin?
PipMan305 rbrtwrrn
@rbrtwrrn, You mad? :-)
rbrtwrrn PipMan305
@PipMan305, nope
PipMan305 rbrtwrrn
@rbrtwrrn, Dropping pretty hard so far :-)
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