BTC looking like a Double top!

We are starting to break this ascending triangle to the downside. While we could have support at this level to finalize this part of the ascending triangle . But....It's not looking like it, selling has picked up and it's looking like it's breaking to the downside. I will NOT be entering in for a buy to the upside at this juncture. The buy would have been valid if we didn't have a rebound in ETH/BTC and got some continuation, but there is to much selling pressure which has come across all of the pairs.

Points to watch for bounces: 9k, 8k, 6k. Last point with potential is 3.5k. The trade strategy is to set martingale points in case we get a sharp drop , that way you can pick up prices on the way down. Look up the martingale strategy if you don't know what it is!!

Trade safe everyone.

评论: Looks like the double top is confirmed, if it breaks 9.4k we are going down further
评论: Wave 2 coming in, breaking 9.4k right now. stops should start running and push it down more
martingale strategy has saved me a ton of money
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