BTC/USD - Sugar We're Going Down to Sub $1.5K


I am here to present a scenario - a possible WXY correction on the longer TF for bitcoin .

I understand how people may find this analysis ridonculous, but I am going to spit it out anyways.

- W is composed of a 5-3-5 zig zag , marked in black (A); (B); (C).
- Subwave (B) is a 3-3-5- expanded flat, its subwaves are marked in red a; b; c.
- I have marked the subwaves of (C) with i; ii; iii ; iv; v, in black.

- X is a failed breakout attempt, the subwaves are marked in red a; b; c. It is a 5-3-5 zig zag with a truncated c.
- The double top is a truncated c. The truncated c in Y is a significant bearish signal.
- After the failed breakout, we can expect another corrective wave down - Y.

- The question is:
1. What will Y look like?
2. Where will Y land?

--> In lower TF, I can count 5 waves in (A) of Y. Those 5 waves should make wave i of (A).
--> The next thing to look for is if wave (A) gives i-ii-iii? or i-ii-iii-iv-v?
--> If (A) gives 3 waves, we can expect an expanded flat, or an ABCDE wedge/triangle forming before a break to the upside.
--> If (A) gives 5 waves and lands at previous low ~$6K, I expect a more bearish zig zag that targets fibonacci cluster at the sub $1.5K range.
--> If this comes to fruition, we can:
LONG for (B) of (Y) - at ~$6K
SHORT for (C) of (Y) - at $8K - $8.2K

Thank you for reading.

Side note:
This will be my last post on trading view, it has been fun.
There have been 2 inquiries for private analysis, so I may go in that direction. If you are interested, PM me soon.

评论: Private analysis will be $1.5K/Month.
It will be me answering all your questions in great detail. I will go out of my way and provide additional info/explanations.
I will not only provide my own signals, but also guide you through whatever trade you decide to enter.

I will take less than 7 people. If you are interested, you can PM me.
*Note I am not trying to be your financial advisor. I am simply offering my analysis privately.
*Terms can be discussed individually since I am providing this service to only a few. The price can also be negotiated- I hope those who do PM me view it as an investment instead of a charge.
$1.5K/month lmao
AlexCH devilninja777
@devilninja777, 1.5k can easily be made in one single trade my friend. but it is obviously not for you.
@AlexCH, Sure, and you can just as easily lose 1.5K... but if you're calming your calls consistently outperforms everyone else then no one should take you seriously
Holy cow!
+1 回复
If it goes down to 100 dollars, I'll wait for it to go to 50 dollars.
+2 回复
H4m3d garyuws
Im gonna wait for $20 and biy 3
Before you go - could you share some online/offline resources you've used to learn?
Thanks - nice calls
AlexCH DrDan
@DrDan, yes, - beyond candle sticks 1&2 ; - elliot wave principles by constance brown- technical analysis for trading professionals by constance brown; pivot point trading; fibonacci trading.
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