Wait for a pullback to 7.5-9k if you missed out on this recent rally.. 4H MACD slowing. With the building momentum in the past days we could easily see a wave 5 impulse that breaks the downtrend line from the 20k high.

Already have a big position through accumulating the past few weeks but this should just be the start :) if it drops to the buyzone of 9k, definitely add a bit more.
评论: well then i guess we will just keep going LOL
评论: As you can see, we couldn't convincingly break the trendline the first time on Feb 20, i.e. with a close on the daily candle. We are attempting to do so again now and can go to 12k really quickly IMO if we get a daily close above the downtrend line.

Next 6-12 hours are key
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