BTC mama is ready to kick some ass!

Bulls pushed it very hard. BTC is looking good. We were waiting for this small pullback. Then we should start climbing up and test the resistance (red ) around 10K. I have drawn how I expect to see it on a 4H chart. Best timing would be when the next stochastic bullish crossing occurs (roughly like the way I drew it). Tradingview play button does not follow the indicators. So have your own chart set up if you want to use it. I would like to put a stop-loss around 8300. Trade safe. I could be wrong and we could go down to test 6K.

***This merely my personal opinion, not a financial advice.
评论: We are observing a pullback faster than expected. Wait for the bullish crossovers and be safe, lol. I will update when I find something interesting in the chart.

***This merely my personal opinion, not a financial advice.
评论: Bulls are doing their job. BTC mama looks healthy. Our plan might work out lol. Patience is the key!

**This is not a financial advice. Be aware of the risk :P
评论: We are getting there. In a couple of hours, we should expect bullish crossover in the slow stochastic indicator. Use your judgment. Stop-loss is your friend. If we take off from here, we will test the red resistance line around 10K. Good luck!
评论: There will also be a resistance around 9500 which is the 0.618 Fibonacci line. One could take profit there.
评论: Well.. it looks like mama is kicking some ass!
评论: If you wanna compare my doodle on the indicators to the current chart
LOL you funny like your take on the market.
venturetrade venturetrade
@venturetrade, but have you heard of alligator mama?
Mushfiq venturetrade
@venturetrade, haha. Thanks man. You mean William's Alligator? LOL
@Mushfiq, lol. i mean you waiting for alligator mama lol. i thought yesterday we might actually see her coming but someone did not let her eat her way up ha ha
+1 回复
Mushfiq venturetrade
@venturetrade, hahaha
lol, yes BTC' is one spicy meatball right now
Mushfiq The_Real_AMF
@The_Real_AMF, LMAO :D
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