BTC, Nostradamus, Brittney Spears, A Sour Patch, Illuminati ??

My timing might be off, but my story stays the same. Nostradamus was a great historian, and Brittney Spears did make a comeback. BTC is definitely a sour patch kid. What else is next??

Between lines A and B is a good buying area. The closer you buy towards Blue Line A the safer your buys will be. There is a possibility that this trend is creating a double touch. The double touch is super bullish for BTC . For now we will be seeing continuous movement downwards till the end of march. April will be our bull run! Just in time for next months pay check ;).

I will cost average my position from $5500 - $4500. The rest of my money will go towards LTC when BTC is at this bottom. I feel like LTC, being underrated in market cap will reach huge gains in April after the BTC correction. Then I will load up on alt coins after we go up 100% from the bottom of BTC .

It is probable that blue line A might be the bottom. However with buying power so low, and volume low in general during our positive runs, I see new lows, eventhough the RSI is almost at its bottom. I set an alarm for when the rsi goes below 30 <-- usually a good time to buy.

I'm not an expert, let's be real... no one here is an expert you need 10+ years experience to be one.. BTC hasn't been traded like stocks for that long, so be careful.

May the Trends Be With You!
评论: When I said I made an alert at 30 RSI, It was during the daily candles.
评论: Also BTW just want to put this out there. You will know when BTC is ready to move up because the institutions haven't even bought in yet. The wealth of the top 50,000 Crypto holders is worth $3 tril. The crypto market right not is around $350 bil.

Do you see this connection I am trying to make.. There will be new, wealthier investors coming in here soon now that Crypto is going viral. The market reaching $3 tril - $5 tril by the end of the year is really not an unexpected event. These guys just want to buy when the price is 80% lower from the high. They are doing the smart thing, letting us all go to war until we give in. Then they buy at a good low unexpected point. there will be big buys, but only after a huge dip.. maybe see around $4000. or who knows $3000? They could double their positions this way. Put your eyes in someone elses.
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4k? Never
furiousmiguel pawelchasikowski
@pawelchasikowski, I agree. But don't forget BTC was $4k only 5 months ago. My safe buy orders will be successful if the trend reverses before $4k. GL Friend :)
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