I believe we will reach 10k and fall all the way down. What do you think?
A week ago I would have said $10K was easy and it should be even easier now. However, LedgerX started trading futures with a BTC price of $10K. They calculated that BTC has a 25% chance of reaching that price by 12/28, but more importantly they are financially motivated to do whatever they can to keep the price below $10K so they can collect the $2,250.25/coin from investors, which is the price agreed upon for the trade. If CME manages to get their offering off the ground on time, they'll have a target price to keep it below also. This means big money is going to be trying to keep the price down. I don't see it going to the $3K range though. I hope it does, however, as I'll pick up a few coins.
That sounds scary as hell, but it's possible. Just like when ETH hit 400 for first time than dumped so hard it caused gdax to crash to a freaking dollar for a moment.
Box1515 NSPhoto
@NSPhoto, it actually went all the way to 10 cents and someone had an order waiting for a couple hundred coins. Seemed like the buyer and the dumpers were working in concert imho.
NSPhoto Box1515
@Box1515, Seriously though, who the f*** sets a buy order at 10 cents on ETH? It's the purest form of luck to have that filled, ever.
NSPhoto NSPhoto
In all seriousness, I do believe there will be a strong support at around $7000k to keep it from falling like this, but in the case of a flash crash, maybe we outta set a couple of buy orders at a ridiculously low price lol.
Box1515 NSPhoto
@NSPhoto, if you look through the order books on various coins on Bittrex, many people have done this since the ETH flash crash. I don't know what measure Bittrex has taken to prevent it, but GDAX has been put measures in place to prevent it from happening again. Too bad. I would have loved some $1 BTC. :D
NSPhoto Box1515
@Box1515, It's hilarious that GDAX fixed it to prevent this from happening again, yet there is nearly 7 million coin order sitting in the order book at the very bottom. pffft, that's gonna stay there forever.
@NSPhoto, I don't expect it happening like a flash crash, more like a slow bleeding, I drew it this way just to make it simple, but i believe we will see it slow landing to ~3100 usd specially because everybody will try to send their bitcoins to the exchange and the blockchain will get saturated, this means that people wont be able to sell fast.
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