Will take a few hours to get to 11046

861 8
incomplete move - hinting at 11046
评论: as long as BTC remains above 10500
评论: The 12 hour candle has been activated and is calling the shots, hence in between the 12 hour candles closes BTC can go up . Eventually the 12 hour candle will let us know which way its decided to go . This can take up to 48 hours as its a big candle

评论: Last time he 12 hour candle was activated , it waited 48 hours then wreaked havoc (see the graph below )
12 Hour candle havoc is negated if the 12 hour candle drops a green candle in the next 48 hours,

评论: By green candle I mean a candle with a number underneath it written in green color . This can either be a red candle or green . The important thing is the number is written in green which will indicate a positive move upwards.
评论: 12 hour candle # 1.

评论: BTC needs to remain above 10500 by any means necessary.
评论: The TD indicators are very good but unknown by many and finding information on using them is challenge to find . But they are very useful and very close in their calls and predictions,
评论: looks like BTC will be visiting the 102XX area again
评论: 3rd candle closing lower than the body of the last of the double doji is a bearish sell warning of a possible upcoming drop.

评论: 9743 will be the first major BTC stopping point.
评论: The Doji is your friend . Take heed in what he says,
评论: Shady Bear Flag with drop to 9480

评论: Aha moment !! now I see how BTC can get to 11091 . Thats the top of the bear flag .
评论: Putting the pieces of the puzzle together , It looks like BTC will be going up close to 11xxx but then will be coming down past 94xx .
评论: The first challenge for BTC will be the beginning of the bear flag which is at 10838 . Now I do expect BTC will pass this value - Why ? becasue the first graph on this page shows an incomplete move to 11046 so BTC can reach it and complete the move. That first graph is an extended move which will end at 11046 as long as BTC remain above 10500.
- The sticking point for BTC will be the top of the bear flag at 11229
评论: gotta love these BTC puzzles
评论: So what happens at 11229 ? Well that's the next question to be investigated,
评论: Whats next after 11229 , next will be 11845

评论: BTC still has to stay above 10500 to continue upwards movement - But Im still expecting a drop in a few hours or even a day or two which will take BTC past down 94xx .
评论: Inverse Head and shoulders moving to 12219 - could this be the end move ?

评论: Almost time for BTC to take on the top of the bear flag at 11229 . Thats also a double top
评论: top of the bear flag , live streaming

评论: i don't think it will drop to 9480 , that's for a much later drop i suspect in a few more days
评论: Expecting 10700 but you never know with BTC may just continue up.
10700 is a good entry .

评论: A double top should retrace 2x from the head to the neck which would make it around 9500 , at the minimum 1x whcih would make it 10700.

- Now this is BTC and BTC does whatever BTC wants and follows no ones rules.
So we will find out soon what BTC decides do
评论: What is a a double top
The Double Top Reversal is a bearish reversal pattern typically found on bar charts, line charts, and candlestick charts. As its name implies, the pattern is made up of two consecutive peaks that are roughly equal, with a moderate trough in-between.

more info
评论: Possible 17K cup of tea with no sugar added.

评论: 17K teacup may require a dip to the lower regions of the chart ( maybe 8k) so it can make a handle for the cup - Got to have a handle its no fun otherwise
评论: @MMww66ww99 thanks for sharing this BTC article.
An anonymous trader has sunk $400 million—enough to buy New York State’s most expensive home twice with change left over—into the cryptocurrency, raising his or her stake from 55,000 coins to more than 96,000 between Feb. 9 and Feb. 12. And that buy-in is already paying substantial returns.

The bulk of the purchases took place on Feb. 9, with another 9,000 or so on Feb 12. And even if the buyer bought at the day’s peak, he, she, or it is looking at total gains so far of roughly $83 million.

The current value of the buyer’s portfolio currently stands at nearly $1.1 billion.
评论: haha - BTC is just going up at this point because it can - its not making much sense currently, but I'm out of ideas.
评论: Dual Doji Takedown
The Dojis have ganged up, to try to take BTC down. First Doji ( A) set the price resistance and prices begin to fall .

Prices rose until the second Doji (B) confirmed the resistance set by Doji ( A),
BTCs Bullish candle # 5 then attempted to pass the resistance set by Doji ( A )and was turned back .

The next candle turns bearish indicating a possible reversal has begun .

- But BTC is on a kryptonite currently and im sure will push the resistance aside soon and continue upwards.
评论: The double doji also means the price will continue upwards on its orginal trend after the pullback
评论: Bitcoin has broken free of the 112xx resistance and is moving back up .
交易手动结束: Closing out as BTC is off to the races - Thanks.
评论: I still don't understand this crazy run of BTC -seems like a bull trap - but maybe that's just me being overly cautious.
same here, it is not about TA or other science... it's btc!
but I may put some bet that it will go little down before a long run, pretty convinced. time will tell.
What indicator is this... I don't understand it at all?
+1 回复
tothemoonXRP tothemoonXRP
@tothemoonXRP, oh wait nvm says on the picture TD sequential
mycotoxin tothemoonXRP
@tothemoonXRP, great indicator to know, but finding information on how to use it is a challenge.
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, I hear its used mainly by wall street traders
get a regular job.. you are not an analyst
saadcrates boldtrader1
@boldtrader1, Says the guys with nothing published ;)
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pure speculation,.. total guesswork
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