Rising wedge or ascending triangle? BTC breakout

It seems that we have both an intraday rising wedge & a interday ascending triangle forming.

One possible scenario would be a break down from the wedge before breaking out of the AT.

In the unlikely scenario of a breakdown from the AT, 10.5k appears to be a good support. Extremely unlikely to touch 10k.

Directly breakout out of the RW also apears unlikely.

In sum, possibly -> 10.8k -> 11.5k.

Tomorrow I plan to make a long-term inter-year video on bitcoin .
评论: Appears to have broken it directly from the rw
评论: Surprise dump. Coinbase will support segwit next week (or is it this week)?

Need to shake off the weak hands, I guess
looking forward to your vdo doc! and do you think alts will follow the same pattern still? I know LTC has pretty much broken out the same as btc but it seems many other alts havent broken out (yet?) like XRP or IOTA
DrJLT ZirSiri
@ZirSiri, some alts may be underperforming bitcoin for a while. I got rid of xlm two/three days ago & sold some eos today. iota I sold at the beginning of the month. also eth is underperforming.

even neo is not as hot as before
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@DrJLT, and I closed my xrp two days ago
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"Extremely unlikely"...seriously? After the last 60-70 days,are we still calling a 1K drop extremely unlikely.
DrJLT retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, very serious indeed
@DrJLT, i hope we never see that it is indeed possible. It is worth to be cautious.
DrJLT retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, extremely unlikely = possible but I'd bet against that
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