Bitcoin: BTCUSD Next Buy Point: Folllow the Chart

Bitcoin Update Next Buy Point Follow the Chart
A reverse head and shoulders is forming with neckline at the
upper parallel. Next buy point comes only when neckline is crossed
on upside with stop 50 points lower - upside measurement implied
target is 8390 on any sustained break. The whole thing fails if
7717 - 7660 range also fails, for fall back to 7530, which must
hold today at all costs for bull case to stay good in near term.
So far this battle for the new high ground continues, the bulls
trying to grind down the bears at high altitude, and so far
they're....winning. The way this pattern develops determines
the day from here. It will likely take a while to play out yet -
we don't even need to second guess it here, really. It's tough
up here - that selling out of London first thing...was that
heavy weiight Goldman clients closing out longs from lower
down at the exact spot Jafari tagged at 8000 as the next high?
It was a big bad red candle, first for a long's tough
up here.. .so we ait and simply react to the next signal. If it's
a break above the neckline we buy, as above. If it's a break
below 7660 we get stopped out for 130 points profit before
spreads. Not great,'s tough up here. If 7660 breaks it
means a test of 7530 - and if that should break it means the
damn thing has flipped right out of the freeezer again and
we're going to have to strart the chase all over again. Please no.
But it's Bitcoin . Anything can happen. (And If it does, we switch
back to shorting rallies back up the blue lines. Please no.
Like in Alien (new theme) we're watching a new life-form develop
on our screens in front of us. Intersting stuff, no? Please comment ffs!
Let the chart decide for us. And let the force be with you,
guide you, Luke. Trust the force!
交易开始: Bulls closing in on the summit now...need to pop those stops just above 8000 laid by Goldman whales and then she should start to fly....theyr'e going to have to close shorts...and reverse, hopefully, can come back to upper parallel and drift awhile making dips below but these need to create pin bars to show interest is still here at the heights...perfection will be if the parallel holds...grinding away the hopes of last remaining bears at 8000. Day traders and the nervous can use the upper parallel as stop, with abreak below by 50 points needed, but beware of whipsaw either side of the line...would be so perfect if the parrallel holds, for bulls, not for Goldman clients maybe.
交易开始: day traders can raise stops to 7880 as we are running another 400 points plus of profit again, so far today -(over 3200 of profits in 14 days trading this monster, if you've been counting) . It's having a problem killing those last bears at 8000, a small double top and could therefore fail if the neckline is broken by much more that 30 points. But the battle continues and whilst the upper parallel holds, the bulls are winning...but 8000 needs busting before we can claim victory. Don't shout "Hallooo" until we're out of the close now...Raise stops according to risk profile but keep them at least 30 points under that upper parallel even if twitchy ! Otherwise they must stay at 7700 for now, still a profit, but with potential for more upside if not stopped out first. Traders' choice.
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