Hey guys!

As you can see, my last post played out, hope you all made profit on it.

Here is what I was chatting about earlier, massive Hidden Bear Divergence on the Daily BTC/USD Chart.

Opposite to regular divergence, hidden divergence is indicative of a trend continuation, not reversal and that’s why we look for hidden bearish divergence in a downtrend.

The Hidden Divergence is considered stronger than regular divergence for the fact that it is indicative of trend continuation and it is always safer to go with the trend for a high probability trade.

Last time we had a Hidden Bear Divergence was last June 2017 and price cut by 40%.

Never be married to Long or Short sentiment, use accurate chart analysis & win!

Good Luck!

评论: We have about 2-3 Days to NULLIFY the Hidden Bear Divergence.

Price must rise above 12.1K, which is the candle in line with the LOWER HIGH SRSI.
Daily Hidden Bear Divergence playing out. See my next post.
what indicator you use in the bottom of the chart?
us that stochastic?
@icarusgoth, Yes, SRSI!
Do you have any levels the price might go to then, or is it only an overall line you see?
somuchcloudporn TristanDanmark
@TristanDanmark, No Idea for levels. BUt if you go to June 2017, there is a Hidden Bear Divergence there and we lost 40% of Bitcoin Value. All I can say on that.
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