BTCUSD some div going

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Thanks for the analysis!
thank you, great analysis!
Is that reversal will coming sir? thanks
black swan event inc...
---> on board on the pragmatic xrp train
aunshah thefreedommatrix
@thefreedommatrix, please explain. What does does your comment means?? I ll be thankful
@aunshah, there are investment for anarchy -> taking 100% control away from banksters
investment on coins that serve a purpose in the world for example a coin for agriculture
gambling investments, pump dump
coins used solemnly for criminal purposes on the darkweb
and XRP which still = no more printed money / more surveillance of banks through blockchain -> less criminality.

The central banks will get their one world cashless currency if people won't stop throwing piles of cash anywhere yield is... They are in control, there are tons of backdoors in crypto through early funders. 1996 nsa document outlining cryptocurrency. silk road was where bitcoin got any value to begin with. The same deepstate who owns palentir who is like the eye of sauron. Every agency use it and it can predict the future.. Still there is human trafficking going on within elites.. still the same guy whos behind palentir funded anarchy cryptos..
They're playing the game.. The game of extracting wealth that is.

@aunshah, do some research on Peter thiel and connect the dots to 1980 economist magazine / deteriorating dollar since 1900 going from 1->97%+ devalued. They want to be able to go below 0 interest rates next crisis and --> total control of peoples spending. Deep rabbit hole..

Summary = be careful when investing to not play into their game. A scenario of death is not justifiable. Pragmatism is what will be able to turn this positivly through common normal banks adopting ripple and xrp to cut even more fees and savings.
This will lead to the central banks loosing theoretical power in relation to the banks -> to us. xrp is built on trust so it should also provide some transparancy within the banking industry, which is very benefitial bc of riggings and fraud as of in the digital age.
thefreedommatrix thefreedommatrix
@thefreedommatrix, look to invest in coins that provide a brighter future, not one that will have to be forced upon the world. The people can eventually gain back 100% but not in the fashion most crypto 20-30y olds think, they haven't done their homework and read any further back in history.
BLUE43 aunshah
@aunshah, its someone trolling my room, dont take it seriously
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